Financial Problems
(Revised March 2020

A job loss or being laid off due to the quarantine, can be devastating; as can be emergencies such as uninsurred medical expenses. Do not compound your problems, however, with bad financial decisions. For example, loading up on your credit cards or liquidating your retirement account could cause worse problems later on. Every situation is different and there is no 'cookie cutter' ansIr.  

If you are a client of ours, please give me a call before doing something such as liquidating your retirement account. I may be able to help such as giving you some alternatives. If you are presently one of our clients, there is no charge for this service. Use the contact info on the left hand side.

Do not delay making an appointment on your tax return preparation. Most likely you have a refund coming and also need to change your withholding if you, or your spouse, is still employed. Do not worry about payment; either I can arrange to take payment after you receive your refund or when you get back on your feet financially, no matter how long it takes.